What you get

In a time, where many enthusiasts can easily purchase a consumer camera and a drone to be able to produce blurred-background-videos and aerial shots that all look more or less the same, it is cinematographic experience in writing, directing, lighting and editing, that makes the difference and lets your videos stand out.

I produced my first documentary almost 20 years ago, which was then internationally acclaimed and distributed. Non-fiction filmmaking requires a lot of sensitivity and a feeling for the right moment. Through my experience in news gathering and documentary filmmaking in Europe, India, and Australia, I can provide a high affinity to subjects in many walks of life and the ability to lead and comfort protagonists in order to achieve the best results for the final product.

During the last two decades, I worked as producer, VJ, cameraman and editor for television and online media companies. I covered very versatile subjects, ranging from orphans in Calcutta to top politicians in Europe and Australia. I’m very curious and passionate about interacting with people, overcome any kind of diffidence and make them express themselves well on camera.


I started off my journey in 1996 as an assistant director in the Indian film industry, where I learned the trade from scratch with 16mm and 35mm film stock. No video, no computers, no UNDO knobs – just pure old-school cinema, where one has to be able to envision the final result, before even pushing the buttons. During and after the transition to digital imaging, I studied film sciences in Berlin and worked for major production companies on commercials, documentaries, online media and for television in Europe and Australia.

I’m always in search of originality, because I believe that imitation is a trait of mediocrity. So, if you’re looking for something different, give me a buzz!